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Your child's name will always be his/her identity. Wherever the apple of your eye will go, he/she will be instantly judged and then recognized by the name you give your child. It is very important that the name you choose is really as sweet as honey. Such a name will form an excellent first impression.

A harsh sounding name forms in the mind, the image of just such a person, who is rude and overbearing. It often forms a negative impression and can produce undesired consequences for your darling. But a sonorous name with a lovely meaning will always be an asset.

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Latest Sweet boy & girl naming ideas

  • Top 35 Modern Indian Baby Names Popular in USA

    We don't know the future, we or our kids might be settled down outside the India. So you need to ensure that your child's name is not mispronounced by foreigner friends. So here are few modern names that popular in USA and still originate from Sanskrit.

    • Sujal
    • Ronit
    • Kunal
    • Ishan
    • Ojas
    • Krish
    • Saket
    • Om
    • Mayank
    • Pranay
  • 40 Modern and Easy to Pronounce Names

    Staying out of india, so looking for names which are modern and easy to pronounce. Here is our collection of modern and easy to pronounce Hindu baby names to help you make the decision.

    • Nimi
    • Miti
    • Ruma
    • Gati
    • Nitha
    • Suchi
    • Uru
    • Rati
    • Tuhi
    • Lipi
  • 20 Short & simple yet unique baby names

    Trend of choosing baby name always keeps changing. Now a days parents prefer names that are short, because they are easy to pronounce and simple too. Check out our 20 picks of the best short and simple yet baby names. 

    • Vansh
    • Sama
    • Yuva
    • Tana
    • Arth
    • Adri
    • Sharva
    • Josh
    • Lush
    • Man
  • 40 Most Unique and Sweet Hindu Baby Names

    A list of most unique and sweet names is just what you need to name your little one. A name that is uncommon and different but with a lovely meaning, will make your child stand out everywhere. A melodious sound would, further, lend it a magical quality and make it a favorite among all.

    Take a look at this hand picked 40 most unique and sweet Hindu baby names that're originated from Sanskrit. These baby names are uncommon and also melodious with a good meaning. Use this list to take inspiration to come up with your very own rare as well as cute baby name. For more Sweet Hindu Boy...

    • Vibhuta
    • Sahoja
    • Vijnani
    • Chakori
    • Paraa
    • Sukhita
    • Aksiti
    • Ishiti
    • Bhaumika
    • Aksi
  • 100+ Indian Baby Names that mean 'Love'

    Love is the most beautiful of all emotions. So what better place to draw inspiration for baby names than from love? Presenting you list of 100 plus gorgeous Indian baby names inspired by love.

    Indian mythology is replete with interesting stories and heart touching episodes of love. Love with its various hues is exquisitely portrayed in all stages of Indian history as heady, passionate, sweet, cute, amorous, tender, gentle, exciting, divine and so on. Consequently, so many different words...

    • Priti
    • Priya
    • Priyata
    • Madhura
    • Kamita
    • Pranayita
    • Sammati
    • Sneha
    • Saragata
    • Subhagata

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