Short & Sweet Sanskrit Names

An easy to speak name is just the right choice for your newborn. If the name is also phonetically sweet then it will be like cherry on the top of a tasty cake. A long name is difficult to pronounce. Your child will end up explaining the right pronunciation to everyone. How frustrating!!

A short and Sanskrit sweet name spares the inconvenience of the name always being misspelt. A sweet name not only sounds fabulous to the ears but it is a joy to speak it too. A short and simple name then should be your aim, for your little baby.

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Latest Short & Sweet boy & girl naming ideas

  • Top 35 Modern Indian Baby Names Popular in USA

    We don't know the future, we or our kids might be settled down outside the India. So you need to ensure that your child's name is not mispronounced by foreigner friends. So here are few modern names that popular in USA and still originate from Sanskrit.

    • Amaya
    • Amiya
    • Dhara
    • Advika
    • Akshata
    • Arushi
    • Ritika
    • Ishika
    • Shreya
    • Ayushi
  • 40 Modern and Easy to Pronounce Names

    Staying out of india, so looking for names which are modern and easy to pronounce. Here is our collection of modern and easy to pronounce Hindu baby names to help you make the decision.

    • Vasu
    • Nabh
    • Lav
    • Giri
    • Manu
    • Yoga
    • Moh
    • Vishu
    • Div
    • Eka
  • 20 Short & simple yet unique baby names

    Trend of choosing baby name always keeps changing. Now a days parents prefer names that are short, because they are easy to pronounce and simple too. Check out our 20 picks of the best short and simple yet baby names. 

    • Vansh
    • Sama
    • Yuva
    • Tana
    • Arth
    • Adri
    • Sharva
    • Josh
    • Lush
    • Man

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