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The Mahabharata is the longest epic and has more than 100,000 shlokas. In its almost 1.8 million words, it incorporates innumerable tales along with names of countless great Kings and Queens, princes, demi-gods and sages. Several Gods and Goddesses also find mention in the Mahabharata.

It also contains a short version of the Ramayana. It has immense significance for Hindus because the Bhagvad Gita, the perfect guide of Hindu philosophy, is found in the Mahabharata. If you choose a name for your baby from the Mahabharata, you will always experience deep satisfaction and pride at given your child the best.

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Latest Names from Mahabharata naming ideas

  • 30 Unique Names from the Mahabharata

    The Mahabharata is the longest known epic poem, which is narrated by the sage Vyasa. Mahabharata epic has numerous characters and their inspiring names. Choose a baby name inspired from Mahabharata to show your deep association with ancient Indian culture and religious beliefs.  Here are 30...

    • Manyu
    • Takshak
    • Vindhy
    • Marga
    • Prahasa
    • Siddh
    • Vajr
    • Madhyam
    • Dravina
    • Pravira
  • Baby Names from Hindu Mythology

    Hindu mythology is a good source of Hindu baby names. Here is list of Hindu mythological names drawn directly from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas (stories older than epics) and Vedas (hymns of RigVeda).

    • Aadya
    • Aditya
    • Anagh
    • Anika
    • Anisha
    • Arya
    • Atharva
    • Avani
    • Ayan
    • Ayush

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