Hindu Names By Rashi

Rashis are moon signs according to Indian astrology. Your child's rashi will be determined by the sign in which the moon is placed at the time of his/her birth. There are twelve rashis. Certain letters of the Hindi varnamala (alphabets) are assigned to each rashi.

Vedic astrology gives immense importance to moon sign in name selection for a newborn. It is auspicious and beneficial if you choose for your baby a name beginning with the letter associated with his/her rashi. It is believed that rashi names make life smoother. Such names will provide protection to your little one from difficulties and obstacles in life.

Names by Rashi: Choose Rashi

Names for Kumbh Rashi (Jan/Feb) कुम्भ Aquarius


(Jan/Feb) कुम्भ Aquarius

Names for Meen Rashi (Feb/Mar) मीन Pisces


(Feb/Mar) मीन Pisces

Names for Kanya Rashi (Aug/Sept) कन्या Virgo


(Aug/Sept) कन्या Virgo

Names for Vrushabh Rashi (April/May) वृषभ Taurus


(April/May) वृषभ Taurus

Names for Mesh Rashi (March/April) मेष Aries


(March/April) मेष Aries

Names for Dhanu Rashi (Nov/Dec) धनुष Sagittarius


(Nov/Dec) धनुष Sagittarius

Names for Kark Rashi (June/July) कर्कट Cancer


(June/July) कर्कट Cancer

Names for Makar Rashi (Dec/Jan) मकर Capricorn


(Dec/Jan) मकर Capricorn

Names for Vrushchik Rashi (Oct/Nov) वृश्चिक Scorpio


(Oct/Nov) वृश्चिक Scorpio

Names for Tula Rashi (Sept/Oct) तुला Libra


(Sept/Oct) तुला Libra

Names for Simha Rashi (July/Aug) सिंह Leo


(July/Aug) सिंह Leo

Names for Mithun Rashi (May/June) मिथुन Gemini


(May/June) मिथुन Gemini

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