Names Inspired By Classical Indian Love Stories

Indian popular romances are extremely mesmeric & enchanting. The heroes and heroines of these stories have alluring and captivating names that are sure to catch your imagination. Browse these fascinating names inspired by Classical Indian Love stories. You can also browse our list of Indian Boy and Girl Names meaning Love.

Names inspired by classical Indian Love stories

Indian mythology is a treasure trove of myriad soulful and timeless love stories unfolding amidst the beauty of nature. These classical Indian love stories are extremely mesmeric and enchanting revolving around bewitching heroines and irresistible heroes. These fascinating names inspired by Classical Indian Love stories would be just the right choice for your darling baby, the living symbol of your love. 

Love Stories from Sanskrit Literature

Some of these evergreen classics are romanticism at its best and passion at its peak. Shakuntala and Meghdoot by Kalidasa have descriptions par excellence and the beauty of their characters is encapsulated in their very names. These names have a richness of tradition and classical exquisiteness. Amaru and Mayura are poets whose works in Sanskrit are superlative specimens of Sanskrit literature eulogizing love. The poetic works of Amaru and Mayura are to be found in 'Eastern Love' of Powys Mathers.

Vatsyayan's Kamasutra has seduction and sexual prowess as its central theme with superbly crafted characters of immense beauty. Damodargupta also beautifully explores the concept of physical love in Kuttanimayam.

Love Stories from South India, Punjab & other parts of India

Not only Sanskrit, even literature from South India is an enthralling repository of countless charming names that would add unending grace and magnetism to your child's personality. Kannada story 'Tale of the Glory- bearers' describes love to be beyond physical beauty. Tamil work 'Shilappadikaram' is again based on the subject of love.

All regions of India have had a culture steeped in love. Love is celebrated in its various hues in all parts of the country is evident in various regional love stories. C A Kincaid in his book 'Tales of Old Ind' retells many romantic narratives of Rajasthan Punjab Gujarat and Sindh. 'Momul and Rano' , 'Umar and Marai' from Sindh, 'Hir and Ranjho' , 'Suhni and Mahiwal or Mehar' from Punjab are some such stories with characters who live and even die for love making the ethereal emotion eternal.

Take inspiration from these Love stories and come up with your own Unique Baby name that mean Love.

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