60 Classic & Stylish Baby Names You Haven’t Thought Of

Are you looking for classy, fashionable and in vogue Indian names for your girl or boy baby? These traditional Hindu baby names are classic examples and also they stand the test of time. If you look around you will see babies are named very carefully by their parents. Some are modern names (cool or trendy whatever you call it) where as some are more classic or traditional names. Few get creative and spell cleverly and some find really unique and unexpected names.

Classic and Stylish Hindu Baby Names

It is time to give your baby a lovely name and since your darling is a precious gem for you, the name too should be the finest. Take a look at this 60 classic and stylish Indian names that you have not thought of.

These superb names have stood the test of time and are truly outstanding. At the same time they are cool, classy, fashionable and in vogue. You must never have thought of these a la mode names. This list of such hip, trendy and beautiful names are just what you have been looking for to name your little one.

30 Classic & Stylish Boy Baby Names

30 Classic & Stylish Girl Baby Names

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